Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindavan of Indian Bank Colony, Ambattur, Chennai, was consecrated by the Golden hands of Sri Sri Sathya Pramodha Theerthru Swami of Sri Uttaradhi Mutt on April 1990 adjoining Sri Prasanna Vinayaga Swami Temple. Later in the year 2004, the Mutt got shifted to its own land adjacent to Temple by the grace of Sri Hari Vayu guru.

Mahasamprokshanam was performed on Feb 6th 2016 with the divine Blessings of Sri Sri Sathyaathma Teertha Swamiji , the present Ponitff of the Uttaradhi Mutt.

The IBC Mutt is Blessed with 63 Saligramams of several Vishnu Swarupas . Nithya {Daily} poojas are performed to all these Saligramams. We solicit and wish to accumulate more Saligramams….



A greater satisfying Seva performed to keep the tradition of Sanathana dharma. The Sri Mutt is blessed with 45 Cows and 8 Calves, volunteers who perform the holy Gho-seva are blessed by Sri Rayar, immediately in multi fold ways by his usual abundance of grace to His devotees. On every Sunday, our volunteers perform holy bath to cattle and also clean the Gho-Shala & lady volunteers prepare cow dung cakes, which is freely distributed for all sath Karyas in and around Ambattur. Even excess cow milk is not sold. It is freely distributed to nearest temples for nithya pooja & abhishegams. The service to these holy cows is a much pleased deed to Sri Hari. Sri Vijayeendra Gho-samrakshana Trrust, which was named by “Sri Raghavendra” is maintaining body of Gho-Shala. Income Tax exemption under 80 G is available for Gho – Shala Donors.